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What is the Advanced Marketing Institute?

The Advanced Marketing Institute is a group of researchers, educators, and developers who have come together to provide real tools and knowledge to businesses and individuals who are tired of struggling to control their chaotic systems.

We give you the tools that are critical to the vital aspects of your business. Then we teach you how to use the tools to put you in control of your business.

What Does AMI Believe In?

We at AMI believe there are three core problems facing businesses today.

Everyone is talking about the theory behind marketing and business, yet very little is taught or explained about the necessary steps a business or individual must take to implement the systems of marketing and business.

AMI takes that gaping hole of knowledge and fills it with not only the education of systems, but the systems themselves, including the step-by-step guides and instruction in using proven templates in your business.

Today, everything moves at the speed of light. You don't have time to spend even two years learning the theory of business without any practical knowledge behind it.

Neither do you have the money to spend on $60,000 a year for knowledge. We at AMI have been involved in distance learning for more than 20 years and have developed focused courses to give you everything you need in the most efficient amount of time possible.

What a typical university might take four months to teach you (and 20 other students) you can learn with us in a few short weeks. Or you can take less time if you dive into it. This flexibility gives you control that just isn't available through traditional education paths.

We are also surprised at the lack of new research being conducted in the ways businesses communicate with their customers and very few, if any, improvements ever suggested.

Many people believe that nothing worth knowing has been discovered in marketing since the 1950s! This is simply not true. Just the fact that the number of ads that the average customer views in a day has skyrocketed indicates that a change and shift in the approach you must make toward customers!

AMI is constantly polling and researching into the communication between customer and client, between businesses, between bosses and subordinates. That research is critical to being able to reach today's customers on the level they expect.

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